Masaya Yoshioka

Masaya Yoshioka

b. 1981, Akashi, Hyogo, Japan

Solo Exhibitions:


Niwaijiri, Galerie Sho Contemporary Art, Japan


Solo Exhibition by Tokyo Wonderwall, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Japan

Gunma Youth Biennale, The Museum of Modern Art Museum, Japan


Solo Exhibition, Tokyo Wondersite Hongo, Japan

Solo Exhibition, Tree House Gallery, Japan


Solo Exhibition (nonfiction), Art Salon LoLo, Japan

Tokyo Wonderseed, Tokyo Wondersite Shibuya, Japan

Group Exhibitions:

JAPANCONGO, Le Magasin - Centre National d Art Contemporain, Grenoble; The Garage Center For Contemporary Culture, Moscow; Palazzo Reale, Milan


Weekly Exhibition at small room, Galerie Sho Contemporary Art, Japan


8 Emerging Artists Exhibition, Galerie Sho Contemporary Art, Japan

Masaya Yoshioka : Biography (ENGLISH/JAPANESE) EXHIBITIONS

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Masaya Yoshioka Biography

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